4 Sleeps Until Belgium

Photo on 2015-08-18 at 5.50 PM #2

This is my first post and many more to come, this page you will be able to see some of my adventures. I am feeling super anxious and a little bit nervous. I guess I should start packing and I encourage you to share my page with other family and friends to keep track of me. Share the website! nateinbelgium.wordpress.com

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12 thoughts on “4 Sleeps Until Belgium

  1. Paula Jobin

    I signed up. Yea good luck, have fun. Xoxox

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  2. Charlie (aka Papa)

    yahoo! an experience very few will ever get 🙂

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  3. Ill be checking out the blog homie

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  4. Mackenzie

    Have fun!!!! We will miss you lots!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Skyler

    I am definitely going to follow this blog homie have a good one bud

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  6. Rose

    So excited for you and to hear and see all of your adventures!! Xoxox

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  7. Uncle Matt

    Gonna be one awesome adventure bud!!

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  8. Russell

    Have fun nate I will keep come back

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  9. Penney

    Well Nate, I don’t know you but I know but I do know Paula, Mandy and Rose. They are my kids Step Grandma and Aunts. I will be looking forward to following you on your adventure. You are sure to have some exciting good times. I love Europe, there is so much history there. You will be in my prayers that God will keep you safe on your journey. Have fun!

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  10. Hunter

    Have a good time dude! Gunna miss you.

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  11. Nijole Toeppner

    Looking forward to see your adventure unfold.

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  12. tina emond

    Sweet!! Good for you! So envious..if u go to Switzerland I have great friends there if you need anything I’m sure they’d help you out!

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