2 Sleeps!


I should be finishing packing right now, but in 2 sleeps, the day after tomorrow, I will be flying out on an adventure of a lifetime. Not too excited for how long I will be travelling but hey it’s an experience. Right now its overcast and 16˚ C in Azilda, Ontario… And right now local time in Jodoigne it is 6:20pm and 28˚ C Partly cloudy!

I leave Sudbury at 11:45am arrive in Toronto at 12:54pm

From Toronto I leave at 3:00pm arrive in Montreal at 4:15pm

Then, from Montreal I will have to go through customs and I’ll be leaving there at 7:45pm and finally arrive in Brussels at 2:30am Canadian time, 8:30am local time…. Talk about Jet lag.

Then from the airport another 45 minute drive until I arrive in my host town, Jodoigne, Belgium.

I have spoken to my host Dad, host Mom, and host Sister and they all seem extremely nice and welcoming. I will be staying with 3 host brothers and 1 host sister whose gone to university on weekdays. Usually they’re 4 boys and 1 girl, but one of the boys around my age is also going on a youth exchange. So here I am an only child right now and will be going from my usual family of 3 to my host family of 7 including me!!

My school I will be going to looks amazing! It has separate buildings for their carpentry and shop class. The shop class has fabrication machines that you use a computer to design your part and depending on the size of it, the machine will just make it! I really hope I get to join one of these classes! From my first home my bus ride to school is 10 minutes,  I think it will be city transit to go to school…. Not too sure!

Be sure to check in every few days to see what I am up to! You might need to bear with me for the first few days I settle into my new home! Wish me luck 🙂

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