This is it, I’m in Montreal waiting for my 7:45pm flight to Brussels. 7 hour flight. I will arrive in Europe at 2:30am our time, and it’ll be 8:30 in the morning their time. My host family will be excited to meet me and wide awake meanwhile I will be up for 24 hours… Assuming i wont sleep on the plane cause I’ll be way too excited! So with today and tomorrow put together ill probably be up for 36 hours. We’ll see :p

I cant wait to meet my host family. They seem like the nicest people. My host sister who is in her second year of university is also super excited to welcome me to there family. I only have 3 months with them and maybe I’ll want to stay with them longer! I wish i could do that. I have to go with the flow though. every 3-4 months I will be switching families.

I don’t think any of this will feel real to me until I actually hit Brussels, because at the moment sitting in Montreal, I don’t feel too scared at all. I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated once I hit Belgium

Side Note: Good thing I caught the announcement in the Airport that nobody can usually hear. My gate has been changed from 59 to 55. I still have over an hour to get there anyways!

Now lets not get lost going 4 gates over.

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