Well I don’t think this will be a long post but here is an update on me!

My day has been long and I’m aching to go to sleep! So bear with me!

I’m going to start with something that happened to me yesterday. I attended my first rotary meeting yesterday and it was spectacular and very amazing. Well, considering a multi-millionaire, who raises and breeds falcons for a living, hosted this event….. You can see where this was going. Unfortunately I do not have any photos of his house. Usually at peoples houses you don’t take pictures and everybody was standing around in little circles like a classy event. This event was straight out of a movie. Big mansion, everybody in suits, middle-to-older aged men and women, servants that gave wine, champagne, and food at the snap of a finger, pool right beside everyone, huge green spectacularly perfect yard. All that was missing was the live entertainment!! I had no interest in the party but it was cool to see it. I mean, like the champagne and wine was good at least. Probably expensive but couldn’t taste the difference if I tried.

Today, I went to visit The Grand Place in Brussels

grand place brussels

Yes. Right there ^^^^^^
Not my photo… Today it actually down poured while being outside all day. I had forgotten my camera but i guess it was a blessing in disguise. Also got to visit the Parliament of Belgium. We got to sit in the senate area and listen to the VP talk. She was also an hour late and all of us exchange students were soaking wet so it was cool but we were all too impatient to leave. A weird fact possibly myth about the building above. People of Rotary say that apparently the artist behind designing the building had become so depressed and disappointed of the building, that he climbed to the top and committed suicide because it was not 100% Symmetrical. I did not see no symmetrical flaws…(I’m an expert) Anyways this place was just stunning! Oh and I can’t forget to mention what I had for lunch. Meatballs and fries.
Fun TRUE Fact: French Fries were actually invented in Belgium. The guy thought he was in France but not know Belgium is french as well, named them french fries. People love there french fries here in Belgium. Like they will eat fries as a meal! Not complaining just spreading the word 😉

Importances of Belgium are Beer, Chocolate, Waffles and Frites! There might be a couple more but you get the point.
I am now going to rest my eyes for who knows what fry filled day I will have tomorrow! FYI, I will try to post at least every two days or so. Its like 1:30am here so I’m off to bed and I get to sleep in! 🙂

De: Belgique!
Bonne Nuit!

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5 thoughts on “Oufti!

  1. Nell

    Sounds Iike a full day for you..I have a feeling that they will mostly be that for you…….In Holland frit met mayo and downed with a pils is the order of the day…enjoy

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Alissa Toeppner

    Glad your having such a great time.
    Josh and I also visited the grand place and your right
    It’s beyond beautiful and spectacular!
    Near there is a little peeing boy statue…it’s pretty
    Funny…the fountain is his…umm…boy part lol

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Rose

    Beer, chocolate, waffles!! What’s not to love?? Lol Sounds amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Paula Jobin

    Great day for sure. I have to agree with Rose. Lol

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Rick

    Nice to hear that you are having a good time,enjoy and take care,we are thinking of you .Rick Claire

    Liked by 1 person

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