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Hello everybody, I have not posted in 3 days, to my family… yes, yes I know I said every 2 days, but ya know I don’t feel like posting all the time 😉 I’m not that person that HAS to make a Facebook status every time I use the washroom… Wait, sometimes I am…. That is not the point!

My last 3 days haven’t been too crazy. Yesterday I got to explore Jodoigne by myself, the other two days my family and i sat around and didn’t do much. So I shall talk about my time in Jodoigne by myself.

It started off with me searching for buses and trying to figure out how they work here. Get on the wrong bus you could be going for quite the trip! I was searching on my phone wondering if I should ask my Host Mom or not, unsure of what she would say. When even before I asked she asked me if I would like to go somewhere! So Obviously I said yes and I ended up going to my little town just next door. About 10 minutes by bus. When I arrived it started to downpour, hence the reason I don’t have photos of the town as the headline and not my face 😉 My face is just as exciting c’mon you know it! I just walked around for a while in the rain. The rain sucked but I was on a mission to explore so it didn’t get in the way of my priorities. There’s not much to do in this town but I believe I walked every road I could. Until I had gotten myself lost. Well, not that lost, I knew where I was but my exchange student senses tingled that there would be no other road to follow back to the bus station. So I google mapped it. Thank god for google! My senses were right. Google maps was telling me to turn around 😉 Like I said, not lost. So really I did nothing but walking the streets wearing my Blue Jays hat saying hi to people who walked by. They all smiled and said hello back. Very nice people here, or maybe just because of my obviously Canadian hat! But thats ok. One thing I’ve noticed here is that all the pop is wayyyyy different. I’ve heard they use real sugar so in like coke and pepsi it tastes sweeter but in a good real way, and pops like orange fanta, it’s barely orange! Like no food dyes! So thats good! Oh, and my favourite drink (besides beer) Iced tea is carbonated here! Like WHAT???

But I’m off to bed now, Local time 23:00 aka, way past my bedtime 😛
Goodnight/Good Evening!

Ps: I didnt really finish my story in how I got home, I took the bus and made it home safe! 😛 I’m too tired lol

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3 thoughts on “Jodoigne

  1. Nell

    glad that you are adventuresome….<3

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  2. Paula Jobin

    Hope it doesn’t rain next time so you can take pictures. Lol. Glad you mad it home safe and sound. When does school start for you. Waiting to hear about more adventures. Xoxoxo

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Julie Miller

    Glad you made home safe and sound. Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures!!

    Liked by 1 person

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