School Update

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So tell me again how to read this schedule?! Good thing I found my first class and I just follow around my classmates now!

Everything in school I feel is going well now. Except knowing what class is next! My teachers are quite aware now that I am an exchange student and luckily enough for the one class I like which is a technical drawing and a shop how to class, the teacher can speak english at the times where he’s explaining something very important, For example, what a certain machine does because I’ll be using it soon! So good to know what I’ll be doing. Also a safety hazard lack of communication in a shop class. Makes me feel safer! šŸ˜›

As for the technical drawing class I am able to pick out words here and there of what he is explaining. It is drawing so there is less words to miscommunicate with when doing illustrations!

Math. The teacher finally figured out that I have no idea what they are doing because I’m learning the language as well as trying to learn new mathematical stuff! Plus I was completely thrown off by the way they write their equations too! To multiply two numbers for example 2×2=4 it would be 2 . 2 =4 So I had no clue! Also in their equations so they don’t mix up the number 1 with l or i they write it sorta like this “^” You would have to see it. Very awkward. Sorta like a 7 but rotate it 30 degrees counter clockwise. The teacher said that I will not keep up with the other classmates and she understands why. PHEW!

Its just a small post because I am super tired and I was going to post more last night but I fell asleep doing so! So heres a little update for now! šŸ™‚

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7 thoughts on “School Update

  1. grrrrrandma

    good job kiddo

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  2. Paula Jobin

    Omg. Glad this is you.. Good luck..but like I said each day will get better. Way to go Nate.

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  3. Paula Jobin

    P.S. God luck with the schedule lol

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  4. Mary Jane Carmichael-Dunphy

    awesome young man!

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  5. Nell

    Love your posts…how do eat an elephant??……piece at a time……ā¤ļø

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  6. Karryna Spencer

    Love your posts Nate. Sounds like you’re having a good time so far! Just keep working hard an enjoying your time there. It will go by so fast! Love you!

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  7. Charlie (aka Papa)

    Cool…you figure it out and be doing awesome in no time…have fun!

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