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I havnt posted in a while yes I know but I’ve been busy!
Sorry family and friends 😛

So here are a few pictures of my past adventures! The first real exchange student adventure I’ve had to deal with was missing my bus! Yes i know it sounds simple but its not at all!

The day started off with me going to Namur for a little exploring around the city with my Australian friend Courtney. We had a great day just walking around the town and riding a golden turtle statue. I think you’re not supposed to but the only thing the fence was stopping was a mouse! We’re exchange students and have to have fun! 🙂 When it was time to catch my bus I had went to the wrong platform and saw my bus drive by! No big deal take the next bus? Nope… It was the last bus. But luckily Europe has a extremely complicated but yet simple at the same time metro system. So instead of taking my hour long bus home I had to take 2 trains and a different hour long bus home. This happened on the same day that I had a Rotary meeting too! I had to awkwardly text them saying I was going to be late! So when I missed my bus I figured out that my train I had to take was in 10 minutes. I didn’t even have a ticket! Some how Courtney managed to help me out to buy a ticket and just make the train! Before that day I had never transferred trains before. I had to learn pretty quickly. Also I had sat in first class and got kicked out. Kind of embarrassing! Luckily enough I still made it to my Rotary meeting but an hour late! All they did was laugh at me so it was all good!

Another good adventure I went on was going to a brewery. This trip to a brewery was with Rotary! Beer from a brewery is wayyyyyy different than beer from other places. The brewery does not put a heap load of sugar in their beer. In commercial beer there is a lot of sugar so people like the taste and drink more. The beer straight from the brewery is more acidic and strong. Almost like wine! But was still very good! I got to try a cherry beer and a blonde beer. Very delicious.

School is still going very well. I have lots of friends and I am starting to understand french more. I can’t say my speaking has improved that much but I can say I’m not afraid to speak it even if i know I’m wrong. Still going to try at least!

Tomorrow I am going to Bruxelles to see the grand place and to explore! I’ve been there before a couple times but the first time it was pouring rain and the other we weren’t there to fully visit. So I will take lots of photos tomorrow. The sun will be shining. Which is rare for Belgium!

Tomorrow a high of 19 degrees celsius and Sunny!
Will post soon possibly! 😛

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4 thoughts on “Update!

  1. Paula Jobin

    Love your posts. Your having adventures for sure. Bet your going to learn the bus this really fast lol. Enjoy and keep posting. I love hearing from you xoxox


  2. Great to read about your adventures even if they are missing buses and sitting in the wrong place… those are the good things we remember for a lifetime!! lol… Hope you are enjoying yourself and able to breath it all in. Proud of ya cuz!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Amanda

    Nate, you are a Toeppner…so a little thing like missing the bus didn’t get to you! You just chose another option and made in an adventure…so good for you! Love seeing your posts!! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Nell Howse

    Also love the posts….love looking through your eyes to the adventures…❤️🍻

    Liked by 1 person

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