Rotary Events Are Pretty Good I’d Say


Well I haven’t been up to too much, yes it’s exchange and yes I’m in another country but that doesn’t mean party hard and travel allllllll the time! I’ll do a little update about some more adventures I’ve have had!

Yesterday I went to Namur with a bunch of other rotary students! My day started off with waking up at 5:00am so I could catch the 6:00am bus to take the 7:30am train from Leuven to Ottignies and then transfer onto another train to make it to Namur by 8:30am-9:00am!

My bus that I took in the morning is about an hour long and i was the only person on it the whole way there! When I got to the station even Starbucks was still closed! Starbucks is crap but hey it takes pretty good when there’s no Timmies! When most the students got to Namur we all started heading towards the Parliament building. Exchange students are probably the craziest bunch you can put together in one room. We all got to sit in fancy desks with microphones that had speakers so if you made a saying everyone would hear. So of course we thought it’d be fun to turn them on and start yelling at each other. The government people got angry and did not like that. Also we got a run down about the rules of the BRESA trips. I will be going on the Prague and Paris trip. Some of the rules included “No sex of the opposite sex” So we questioned why same sex is allowed? “No hiding sex mates in hotel rooms” Like no hiding another exchange student in your room like the shower or the balcony. “No sex, if it happens SAFETY FIRST, will be sent home” So if we have sex we have to be safe but then we will be sent back to our home countries. No football or basketball games to be played in the rooms. No climbing balconies to other balconies for sex mates. No romance but you are allowed to have multiple boyfriends/girlfriends a day. Yes he said that. They also stated that we have to bring our own underwears because rotary does not supply them. And to also not play with the blowers (Fire extinguishers) because one time a kid started one and it would stop so he got it all over his room, down the hallway, in the elevator, in the lobby, in a different elevator and then down stairs. Also we are not allowed to drive the bus. We are only allowed to ask to take a picture in the seat to look like we are driving!

The guy who made the presentation spoke very little english so he at least had an excuse!

After all the rules and stuff we got to go for a boat ride down the river in Namur.



All the exchange students danced and sang our hearts out. Made a boring freaking boat ride awesome! We also got to go in a cute little lock. Unlike the ones in Canada! Was still neat for sure!


Also I am starting to get really excited for my trip to Paris! The trip starts in 13 days! October 31st! I will make sure to bring my memory card!

Ps, School and friends are still do great and I have no big worries! Only things I miss is Dirtbike and friends šŸ˜›

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2 thoughts on “Rotary Events Are Pretty Good I’d Say

  1. nell howse

    Sounds like you are really getting familiar with the program and some fun trips …..which is good…..good luck on your Paris trip….will be exciting…..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Paula Jobin

    Sounds like your having fun even with all the rules. Lol. You are lucky to be going to Paris. Tons of pictures I hope. Enjoy, have a blast but we’ll try to behave. Lol. We don’t want you back yet. You have to much to explore. Be like me….the good one šŸ˜‡šŸ˜‡šŸ˜‡ Xoxox

    Liked by 1 person

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