Little Halloween Adventure

Here is a few photos from a Halloween party I went to!

IMG_0284 clean

My costume. Yes Aunt Nancy, It’s lame. I didn’t have a costume so all I had was a suit so I improvised πŸ˜› I was a Men in Black. Or James Bond either one worked! Yes I am holding a mind eraser so don’t question it.

IMG_0310 clean

A Little Canadian love. My Men in Black partner Lewis. Firefighter Brier and Martin, Wolf of wall street, clearly holding some money that most exchange students don’t have.


Lewis, Canadian homie. Courtney, Aussie friend dying in some way and me!

IMG_0307 clean

This is the board that has a bunch of trains cancelled on it!
It had turned out a train had caught fire on one of the central rail lines right by or in Brussels area. Almost all trains eventually go to brussels or pass through or start in Brussels. Therefore cancelling all the trains. The trains that say late with like 20 mins. Well a minute was added every minute that went by. My host Father Gaspard had to drive to the town to pick me up. Its about a 70km drive one way which Isn’t too bad but still sucks. This happened yesterday night! Didn’t get home until around 12.

Also I’m super excited for my Paris trip that happens Saturday, 31st! Two sleeps! Should be freaking awesome! I will blog about that when I get back for sure! Other than that little adventure everything is going as normal and schools been pretty boring right now. But my schedule just changed so it should be good!

Blog soon! πŸ™‚


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One thought on “Little Halloween Adventure

  1. nell howse

    You are one handsome dude…..enjoy Paris…..<3

    Liked by 1 person

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