Nate Takes Paris!

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Well Paris was freaking awesome and had alot more fun then I ever thought I would in a city full of romance and history. I dont even know where to start explaining my trip because I had so much fun and we did so much!

It obviously started with getting on the bus heading to Paris. Had to get up at 6 in the morning to finish packing. Last minute, like always. The bus ride was roughly 3-4 hours long until we got in paris. The first think we got to see was the Palace of Versailles. Was super neat and interesting. We got to walk in the garden in the back as well. Well we had to pay but it was well worth it!


Flags in any historic place is forbidden in Paris! We tried taking a group photo of all the students and the police came and yelled at us. If you trying taking a flag to the Eiffel Tower you will get it taken away and you will not get it back.


Also me and friends inside the Palace

The next thing we got to do was go for a boat tour. The boat tour was at night and we got to see most of the attractions around Paris.


The next day the first thing we got to do was eat breakfast in the hotel. They had real Canadian maple syrup and pancakes! We then, all 70 of us took the subway to the Louvre museum. The largest art museum in the world with over 35,000 different art pieces. This is also where the Mona Lisa is. I have no passion for art but all I know is that there is a lot of naked ladies.


This is the entrance to the Louvre. We had entered underground at a different entrance.DSCN1152

Underground entrance.


Selfie with the Mona Lisa!

After the Louvre we went to the Museum D’Orsay. It was another art museum that is built out of the old train station of Paris. Very cool building but yes again I’m not to interested in. So instead a bunch of us went to the look out on the top of the Museums roof and decided to “turn up” and dance like idiots! I would post a video of it but this website doesn’t let me! Saves the embarrassment!


This is the Museum D’Orsay. Old Train station look with modern art features.

After the museum D’Orsay we had some free time. My friends and I decided to go to the Arc de Triomphe. This is where 12 roads in paris all meet into a giant round about with no stop lights or lines on the road. Just drive and go! Pretty frightening place. 😛


Not my photo because I do not own a helicopter but ya know heres a good example! 😉


Here are the stairs to go up!


And this is me at the top. Running up the stairs messed my hair up 😛

After going to the Arc de Triomphe we had dinner at a very fancy restaurant.


For how fancy it was I don’t know why they gave us hats made out fancy cloth. We ate chicken, Mashed potatoes and salad. Then chocolate mousse for dessert where we then thought poking each other with spoons full of it would be fun. After supper we had the best part yet to come! We headed in the direction of the Eiffel Tower! We got to go up at night and it was the most beautiful thing ever. Had to take two elevators. The first one went diagonally which felt very awkward and the second just went straight up.


Purely breathtaking in person.



Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 10.51.44 PM

Tried to get my head stuck so I could stay there!


Paris makes me happy.



My lovely date and I on the Eiffel Tower.


The Eiffel Tower was everything I expected it to be and more! Was truely a dream come true. Also it was one of those moments that made me hit reality hard. Like “Holy FiretrUCK I’m in Paris on the Eiffel Tower!!!”

After the Eiffel Tower we went back to our hotel and the rotarians said we could have one drink at the bar in the hotel. So we only had one drink and got a good night sleep. Belgian beer is better but France wine is better. I only had one drink… Yes.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 11.04.46 PM

Me in the Morning ready to take on more Paris! On the last day we got to see Cathédral Notre Dame de Paris. It was spectacular and its shear size is Crazy! The gothic era architecture is astonishing.DSCN1375

Cathédral Notre Dame de Paris


After the Cathédral we took a bus to the highest land point in paris to do some shopping and adventuring!


Also a good view of my new goofy toque! 4 euros, Love it.


The shopping tourism area was super busy and full of those people who want to draw you for money. They follow you around saying how beautiful you are and that you need to be drawn. Unfortunately this was the last attraction point we would get to see. Our last stop was Hardrock cafe for a burger and fries. The bus ride home was super long and it was sad to leave. It literally felt like we just got there and then had to go. I will defiantly go back one day!


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2 thoughts on “Nate Takes Paris!

  1. Nell

    Am happy that you had an awesome time….I you..will never forget Paris…..

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  2. Julie

    Sounds like you had a great time.

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