103 Days In Belgium

Time flies when you’re speaking french!
I know I haven’t updated in a long long time but here will be a good update of what I’ve been up to!!

School has been going perfect with no issues. School is school. 😛 Tomorrow I will be actually taking an exam for electricity. Wish me luck! No idea how I am going to do. Electricity doesn’t like water I know that much.

Also an update about the status of the terrorism over here. Everything has cooled down a lot. For about 4-5 days or so, Brussels the capital of Belgium was on level 4 alert which meant stay off the streets and that everything is closed. I don’t live too close to Brussels but Belgium isn’t that big. All my family was worried about me of course. I woke up that morning with a phone call and text from my Mom in Canada! I was like ugh oh what happened?! I messaged her totally clueless to what happened. But thankfully I’m completely safe where I live. My little village in the middle of nowhere.

After my trip to Paris I went to a town of the name Dinant.
This town is where the inventor of the saxophone lived. Theres a bunch of saxophone statues everywhere and even his house is a mini museum. The First place I stopped in Dinant was the Citadel. It is located high on top of a valley with a beautiful view. To get to the top you either take the stairs of a gondola lift. I was going to just take the stairs but you had to pay to go to the top either way so the lift was part of the price automatically. So being the lazy exchange student I am, I took the lift.

Heres a photo of the Gondolas.DSCN1509.jpg

Here’s a photo of Brier, a Canadian who adventured with me for the day.


Picture of me standing on the edge of the Citadel.DSCN1535

The view at the top of the CitadelDSCN1515

Closer photo of the town Dinant.DSCN1544

Inside the lift.


Heres a photo of Adolphe Sax and I (The guy who invented the saxophone.) Us sitting on a bench just outside his house which is now a museum.DSCN1567

Three of many saxophone statues.DSCN1579

Another place I have visited was Ghent. Ghent is a beautiful little town with lots of historical buildings. We even found a castle that students got into for free. It was a museum inside and we got to walk where ever we wanted in and on the castle.IMG_0519

Looking over Ghent to see the many different cathedrals.IMG_0514

The dungeon where at one point and time people were tortured in! It was very creepy but pretty cool!IMG_0523

Lots of gothic architecture. Very awesome looking.

Also you can see the tram lines. Trams are probably more scary than cars or even bicycles. They don’t stop for anything and have a tendency to hit cars. I also found out trams can squish coins. Not as good as the freight trains in Canada though!IMG_0509IMG_0507

Thousands and thousands of bicycles everywhere!
Oh… Where did I park my bike?IMG_0527

I also have went to the Atomium. The giant atom building.DSCN1644

From the top.DSCN1649DSCN1651

Spent the day with My host sister, Charline and Kristin from New York.
And yes the escalators up were extremely steep and a little bit scary!DSCN1657

Brother Sister love!DSCN1664

With winter approaching I’m going to miss all the winter activities but just last week I went ice skating with some friends! I don’t know how they keep the ice cold but they do. Also it was hard to skate because apparently sharpening skates isn’t a thing! ahah It was a great time and will probably go again many time!

Gotta love my Canadians!DSCN1701

We even had lovely Rink side services! Bière de Noël! DSCN1703

Just yesterday I went to Germany. Just to Aachen which is just just beside Belgium. I had gone with Rotary to a market. I want to see more of Germany considering it was just a small town and we didn’t have too much time to do things. Rotary did give us permission for hot wine. Literally the name is what it is. Its boiling hot wine. I can’t figure out if I like it or not yet. Its very interesting!DSCN1761

Gotta love when Rotary gives you free ticket for hot wine! Free mug too!DSCN1774

I didn’t take as many photos as I would’ve liked to in Germany, but I know 100% I will be going there again. Germany Interests me quite a lot.

For the up coming weeks I don’t have too much planned but considering My exams start tomorrow (1 exam tomorrow and 1 on the 10th) which means I have almost a week and a half extra of Christmas break! Tomorrow I’m getting a haircut and Saturday I’m going to a birthday party. Not sure which one I’m more excited for. I have a mop on my head right now!

I know I saw this every time but I’m going to try to blog more!
So you guys may see more blogs but definitely not as long.

Belgium is great and I’m enjoying every minute of it! 🙂

Photo on 2015-12-03 at 8.50 PM.jpg

I’ll show you guys my haircut my next blog! Also for my buddies in Canada, the goatee and chinstraps are going strong! 😉

Bye for now!!

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2 thoughts on “103 Days In Belgium

  1. Paula Jobin

    Omg Nate. This is such a wonderful time for you. The pictures are amazing. Hot wine….going to have to show that to your Mom. (Love u Rachel lol) all those high places and being able to see so much. Sure would love to see the inside of the castle. Good luck on your exams. Enjoy your Christmas vacation. We are going to miss you..hell we already do lol. Love ya lots xoxoxox

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nell

    Good luck on your exams….
    Lucky young man to experience a different Christmas..
    Enjoy this special time of your life.
    By the way I love the longer hair..
    May Pere Noel be good to you🎁🎄⛄️

    Liked by 1 person

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